What Is The Love Your Body Challenge?

February is the month of Love and so it seems most fit to celebrate love in everything we do and in everything we are. Love is not only about sweethearts or those that are most dear to us. It is about loving yourself, loving your body and loving the skin you're in!

I have designed this 6 week all inclusive fitness program to help you become your most beautiful self through nutrition, sweat and love.

I want you to love your body every day. Nourish it, because you love it. Work out because you love it. Do everything with love and intention. You deserve to feel your absolute best!

Once again, this program is free to all BAAC Ladies with a full membership. If you are not already a member, no worries, we have a great deal waiting for you too!

Are you ready to get in awesome shape?

If the answer is YES, YES, YES, this program is for you.

We spend most of our time nurturing and caring for others.

But this month, I want you to have some ‘me time.’ You DESERVE it!

This 42 Day Love Your Body Challenge offers you the kick start you need to make permanent lifestyle changes. It will open the door to greater health, happiness and confidence.

What's Included?

  1. A 3 Phase Love Your Body nutrition plan and weekly menu
  2. A Guide to hidden fat triggers in your diet
  3. A 3 phase Love Your Body fitness program
  4. Access to daily cardio kickboxing and fitness classes
  5. Weekly at home Love Your Body workouts
  6. Love Your Body Challenges - fun challenges within the group
  7. Access to our private Love Your Body Facebook group
  8. Weekly Weigh-ins
  9. Pre and post measurements
  10. Pre and post body composition measurements
  11. Pre and post fitness test
  12. Meal slimming Tips and Tricks to incorporate into your lifestyle
  13. Goal Planning

We have all of this here waiting for you. So don't hesitate, come join our community of awesome strong women and get in the best shape of your life!

Who Should Do This Program?


Its perfect for Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters and Girlfriends alike! All you need is the desire to be healthy.

You don't need to be a superhero or ninja (although that would be very cool). Anybody can do this program because its designed in such a way that works for everyone.

What Is The Cost Of This All Inclusive Program?

Once again, we are offering the program FREE to all of our female BAAC members that are willing to fully commit to their 6 week goals.

If you are not a current BAAC member, don't worry, you can still join this program. We have an Early Bird Special that starts today and ends January 23rd.

Early Bird Cost: $159

After January 23rd the cost will be $199

Class Schedule: Starting Feb 5th, 2017

Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 12 PM, Tuesday & Thursday @ 8:00 PM and Saturday @ 9 AM

NOW Is The Time To Commit And Ask Yourself;

What are your goals for 2017?

How do you want to feel this year?

Are you ready to be your fittest, healthiest self?

If your answer to the last question is “YESSS!” Sign up today and start your journey to health and happiness!!