The Life of a Coach

The month of May was incredibly busy.

Ross represented Ontario at the Boxing Nationals in Quebec City and then we had 6 BAAC athletes competing at the Kickboxing Nationals in Toronto.  The whole country – and 6 million PPV viewers in China – were on the edge of their seats for the China vs Ontario Kickboxing Super Gala.  Adam Assenza had a spectacular TKO win in his PRO MMA fight in Toronto.  Adam Weber won the IKF World Amateur Middleweight Championship in B.C.  And Ross thrilled everyone with his gutsy victory in the first bout with Team China.

In one month we had BAAC athletes involved in competitions in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, and I wore the hats of Chief Official, sanctioning rep, organizer and coach.

But I have always enjoyed one aspect more than any other – traveling with teams of young athletes!

During this busy month I had the greatest time with 3 young athletes on a road trip to Quebec for the Imperium Cup Boxing Championship.

Jaime and I packed up the ‘BAAC-mobile’ with Ryan, Mason, Ruqaya and lots of snacks and drinks and we headed out for our 4 day adventure.  For me the best part of traveling with young athletes is the chance to just chat about life.  We talked about school, family, sports, religion, and even politics.  Building relationships with athletes is such an important part of coaching and often needs to be done outside of the gym.  At BAAC we have a number of young athletes who love competing but enjoy learning the sport and art of kickboxing.

But the learning is a two-way process.  It is during these travels that I also learn about the perspectives they have on any and every topic.  I end up asking a lot of questions – and many hard ones – just ask any of the kids!  But this also helps me see how I can help and support them as they navigate their own lives.

But the best part of traveling with kids … you get to act young and just have fun!



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