Ross in Final Preparations for Nationals

One of the best parts of coaching is the deep relationship you develop with athletes. I consider myself so blessed to have trained some of the most incredible athletes in boxing, kickboxing and MMA.

Some came to me with greatness already and I just worked to refine. Others I trained from the beginning. Most coaches will tell you that the later has a deep fulfillment. To see a person grow from a beginner to a seasoned competitor is a special experience.

I started coaching when I was 16 and over 30 years later I have the same enthusiasm to work with every level and experience of athlete.

I have been blessed to train 12 World Kickboxing Champions to accomplished athletes in boxing and MMA. However the accolades of the athletes are never as meaningful as the development you see in their lives.

I can say without a doubt that the one athlete closest to my heart is Ross Mylet. His abilities as an intelligent technician are only matched by his incredible athletic abilities subhannallah. Renowned trainer and close friend Joe Arko once told me that he considers Ross perhaps the strongest athlete he has every worked with.

He won virtually everything in amateur kickboxing in Canada and overseas. He then transitioned to boxing where he quickly developed an incredible skill set.

But over and beyond his mind and body is a gentle and caring spirit. We have had many great times together but has also stood by me and my family through hardships. For years he has taken care of my kids like an incredible big brother.  He would eagerly take Ruqaya to girly movies, Haytham out for hat shopping, and would often teach all three how to cook!

On many of our adventures in kickboxing he would chaperone Zayd and Haytham across the globe all while competing himself.  I have watched this young man become so worldly learning about different cultures, global politics, and the global history.  Many times he would accompany me to the mosque to pick up my kids from Islamic school and out of respect and humility he would jump into prayers with us.

At the club he is always there to help new members, young athletes, and those that need a bit more attention and help as they navigate a new exercise program to create their own personal goals.

Ross and I have planned for an incredible 2017, and those plans are coming to fruition.

In one week Ross will represent BAAC and Ontario at the 2017 Canadian National Boxing Championship.  The Nationals are the most coveted title in Canadian Boxing and we have a solid plan to win in Quebec City.

After Nationals we are preparing for the next phase of his fighting career.

In every era an incredible athlete emerges to capture the attention of the world. I firmly believe that Ross will be on that pedestal very shortly. When you see Ross training at BAAC wish him all the best!



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