Road to Nationals – Day 2

I booked ourselves into a small place away from the hectic host hotel where most of the athletes, coaches and staff of the 2017 National Championship were staying.  I am soooooo glad we did that as the organized chaos is stressful on the first official day of the event.

Ross easily made his 123 pound weigh division during the morning weigh-ins.  We went shopping and picked up groceries and organized our fridge to make sure we are eating the right balance of foods after each day of weigh-ins.  Ross posted his affirmations based on our training camp for the event and they are right where he can read them everyday.

The training plans have to flow into the event itself and so far everything is going according to schedule.  Ross feels focused and relaxed.  In a few hours we will have the drawings and then we will know when our first bout is going to be!



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