Nationals – Day #3

It is our third day in Quebec City and we finally will fight today!  Ross received a bye in the first round and has three fights to win gold.

The first fight will be the most important as he has drawn the defending Canadian Champion and National Team member Thomas Blumfield in the first round.  This drawing is awesome!

During my amateur career I loved fighting the top guys first.  I use to visualize beating them clearly sending a message to everyone else in the division!  I know many fighters would rather get easier fights at the beginning and then face the top fighter in the finals.  Not me!

Over the years Ross has developed the same grit about fighting the best.  Ross was ecstatic to get the #1 guy in the first round.

We are bout number 5 at 7 pm.  This is the quarter finals!  Wish Ross all the best!



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