Coaching while Competing

During most of my competitive years I also coached.

In fact when my career was at its peak I found myself heavily involved in teaching and coaching. That was when I started the Bay Area Athletic Club. I have always believed that an athlete that simultaneously coaches develops a diverse set of skills. The ability to analyze in the moment, and a higher level of awareness and perception are just two important areas coaching fosters.

My love for competing was only matched by my love for coaching. Eventually one took over the other and here we are!

I was watching our BAAC sparring class on Wednesday and realized the number of coaches that were involved in the class. I watched Adam Assenza – one of our BAAC PROS and Coaches – sparring with Ryan Bardin a young up and coming athlete. I could see Adam working on some of the skills we have been practicing while encouraging Ryan to be aggressive and active. Ryan was in preparation for an upcoming amateur bout.

I chatted with Adam after the sparring and he had as much to say about what he was working on as he had feedback on Ryan!

Adam is an outstanding athlete and also a tremendous coach.   As his career continues to excel in MMA so will the number of younger athletes that gain from his dedication towards sharing knowledge.



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